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  • RJB

    June 1, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    We live in a competitive world and students nowadays are experiencing a significant
    amount of pressure to perform and not to fall behind.
    AI will make a massive impact in education, and it will deliver a better experience for
    both the student and the teacher.
    AI learning platforms will give a more personalized learning experience to students, to
    study at their own pace, it will accelerate or decelerate and enables a learning
    experience with immediate feedback and assessment.
    The teacher on the other hand can track student’s progress, the student’s speed and
    identify the areas that require attention or improvement. This is where the collaborative
    efforts of the teacher with the student can be focused on communication, creativity, &
    explorations, which are vitally important.
    AI will give the students a universal access to learning, it can be available worldwide
    and at any language. Any student anywhere in the world can have access to best
    learning experience.
    The future of AI would develop to an AI companion, not limited to facts and figures, but
    a player to help the student on the “how” to learn better. The AI companion will watch
    out for sign of boredom or frustration or the complete opposite such as signs of
    curiosity, or enjoyment which might indicate a successful learning experience.
    It is fascinating how the learning experience through AI is becoming a life learning
    process, through:
    A clear coherent curriculum
    High expectation, and aspirations for all learners,
    Responsive teaching and learning
    Engaged, self -regulated learning
    Identification with each subject
    All of this will develop self-confident students throughout their entire life, in a fast-paced
    changing world.