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  • alberto_r

    June 9, 2021 at 12:55 PM

    Hello, Sabine! Thank you once again for your insightful answer.

    As you have pointed out, exponential technologies have reduced physical restrictions in our professional and academic activities. 5G technology, in particular, makes it easier to share increasingly larger sizes and volumes of content and tools in shorter spans of time.

    It was also a very relevant observation to note that education technology around the world is not experienced at the same rate for everyone. There is a gap in the least developed areas that constitutes a formidable challenge for the informatization of education and for populations in developing areas to access the tools and to become technologically literate at a level that will allow them to be competitive. As jobs, trade and banking becomes even more digitized, people left behind will be facing increasingly challenging obstacles. Ideology and government restrictions on accessing web content also plays a huge role, as we all know.

    Once again, thank you for your answers and have a great week!