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  • alberto_r

    August 2, 2021 at 6:19 PM

    Hello, Mohammad

    Thank you for your answer. AWS is an interesting option for updating obsolete company software. Cloud computing services, in general, are convenient for many startups, since they have limited resources, money, experience and technical expertise in some areas, and still need to validate their product and business model. Processes such as marketing and logistics, for instance, are at an embryonic stage, and acquiring and setting up a software infrastructure requires investment and training that young businesses doesn’t have sparingly. Cloud technology is not the only good option, though. There are many software solutions in both free and subscription versions that may adapt to each corporation’s needs.

    In any case, Amazon, Along with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, are among the leaders in all cloud platform and infrastructure as a service. It would be interesting to read assessments and comparisons between these systems.

    Once again, @moe-elbohsaly , thank you for your contribution and have a great week!