Work Experience


LSE Academy

Date Started

September 2020



Nisrine Abou Ghader founder of LSE Academy & Bookclub-Chouf. After earning my BA in Educational Management degree at MUBS in 2016, I entered the education field as a kindergarten teacher to explore my passion for teaching. I am a dedicated and goal-driven professional educator who believes that learning should meet the need of every child for I have been spending endless hours of research and analysis in an attempt to escape conventional teaching methods and curriculum, incorporate fun and creative activities in education, in addition to major emphasis on children’s psychological health. Along with the technical and scientific learning, children will develop communication, leadership, and digital skills that conventional schooling is failing to cover properly. I working on teaching children how to think, and not what to think. In order to grow an independent generation that knows how to capture the information they need even when the information delivery falls behind.