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  • Exponential technologies applied to the learning field

    Posted by m-mouawad on September 21, 2021 at 1:40 PM

    By taking advantage of the digital technologies, learning can be facilitated at any time and place and with few economic constraints.

    Modern technology delivers mechanisms for educators to provide more effective classroom settings. The Internet allows students to access a variety of recourses that complement their classroom based learning. Sites such as Wikipedia provide repositories of information which can be accessed free of charge by anyone, anywhere. Specialized websites allow students to learn about specific subjects. Other specialized resources include entire online courses, especially for tech-based subjects like programming and computer science. Similarly, online language learning services allow people to learn languages of their choice at their own pace. The Internet allows children to acquire knowledge geared specifically towards their interests.

    This is not to say that students should be learning without guidance. Teachers should help students gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals in various subjects, especially those which are of growing in importance, such as numeracy, literacy and technological literacy. Long-term, Artificial Intelligence (AI) teaching could replace the need for human teachers, leaving educators with tasks such as conflict resolution, encouraging focus, and keeping order in the classroom. AI would be able to analyze each student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the manner in which they most effectively learn, in order to provide each student with a personalized education tailored to address their weaknesses and bolster their strengths. A system of this style could allow students to grasp the fundamentals of important disciplines more effectively.

    With the emergence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, leaders in the education industry can consider adding more immersive and integrative experiences. Immersive learning is a contemporary learning style that uses technology to engage your senses that a traditional lecture might not be able to accomplish. This method works for many different subjects, while other subjects, like the sciences, could benefit from the inclusion of lab experiments’ kinetic elements. In fact, VR can provide a fun learning experience in the classroom and allow students to view environments or periods that they otherwise would not be able to see. For example, students could take a virtual tour of the pyramids in Egypt in history class or take a trip through the digestive tract in science class. These technologies can also allow students to choose their adventure or which parts of the tour they spend more time on. With AR, students can use their smartphones to see comments or labels on diagrams and have the option to read more about something they need further clarification. Teachers can show their students the solar system in their classroom or 3D models of objects to study up close without storing and transporting them.

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  • alberto_r

    September 22, 2021 at 5:14 PM

    Hello, Maya.

    Thank you for your answer. AI learning is a fascinating topic, and there is an ongoing debate over the extent to which it should be a replacement to human teaching. Algorithms, in any case, can already identify and measure a student’s strength and weaknesses in several areas.

    Regarding VR, it is already in use in fields such as engineering, and serves as a tool for students to learn about structures, their physical properties, and also on designing them. It is important, though, that the “adventure” that this kind of experiences provides is properly guided and supervised, and that discipline is enforced. A rule of thumb is that exponential technologies need to bee a tool for human teachers and not a replacement.

    Once again, thank you for your contribution and my regards.

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